Quick EHarmony.com Overview Last Reviewed: Jan 2003
Basic Membership Cost: FREE
Countries Served: US/Canada.
Membership is medium-large.
Types of Relationships: Hetrosexual only.
Key Membership Features:

Scientific questionnaire and results. (free)

Guided matching, browsable and detailed (free)

Communication features (paid membership)

Women outnumber men by 2 to 1.

Premium Membership Benefits:

Allows you full communication with matched members. See site for current price.


Very thorough and takes a scientific approach to helping you find a match. Professional feel to the whole site, with guidance and helpful faq's

The Free questionnaire and results is and excellent self-reflection and learning tool.

Searching and browsing is good, as there won't be dozens and dozens of matches. Only the best matches will be shown to you.

7-day risk-free trial available


The lengthy questionnaire might put some people off though. Full membership is costly.

Rob's Rating:

8 / 10

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Joining Eharmony Matchmaking

Eharmony is the brainchild of relationship expert Dr Warren, who has over 34 years of experience in his field - the site differs from other's in it's scientific approach to matchmaking, with more emphasis placed on the specialised matching system and professional support.

You can get an idea of EHarmony by taking their tour. This comprises of 6 screens describing:

Finding out about you - to ensure the best matches, based on scientific dimensions of relations (like personality, character, family values, emotional makeup and skills), you answer several hundred short questions.

Learning about yourself - after you have filled in the extensive questionnaire, you receive a free (worth $50) personality profile highlighting your strengths, weaknesses and how others see yourself.

Finding True Matches - the eharmony matchmaking system does all the hard work by only showing closest matches.

Membership Options - the next step (risk-free) is to communicate with one or more of your matches, only when you're ready. Thus, you can choose a risk-free membership (details shown later):

Expert Guidance - learn about your matches in depth, what questions to ask potential matches.

Remember there's no charge for the personality profile and the search, so there's nothing to lose:

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The EHarmony Questionnaire

To begin with you should take the personality profile. A % indicator shows how much you fill in as you go. It's fairly long, so it's best to make yourself a nice cup of coffee and enjoy the experience - note: (you can save and exit, then complete it later if you wish). Each section contains little scales and you check the closest you feel a particular question/attribute applies to yourself. Other sections require you to answer short 1-line responses.

Sections 1-4 : Descriptions about yourself, your feelings, and how important certain areas of life are to you.

Sections 5-9 : Personal beliefs, personality traits, personal interests, and life skills.

Sections 10-15 : Communication factors, your social style, relationship preferences, more personal characteristics and attributes that describe yourself.

This is the most thorough profiling I've ever completed. As an exercise in thinking about one's self, it's excellent. As a means to finding ideal matches, it looks like a winning approach. In total it took me about 50 minutes to complete.

Finding Matches.

Once you have filled in the questionnaire you can then find matches. This takes a minute or two.

On the first search it brought me 4 matches, and browsing the profiles, I was impressed by how close they matched what my ideal partner might be like. To initiate communication then you can subscribe to one of their packages, risk-free -

1 month =$49.95, 3 month =$99.95, 6 month =$159.95, 1 year $249.95.

Payments are secure and a 7-day risk-free trial is available, which not a lot of dating sites are willing to offer. In the event that you weren't happy with the service, for any reason you could close your account within 7 days and get a refund. I think this is a good indicator in their own confidence that you will be pleased with their service.

Actual communication starts off anonymous and Guided, and there are several stages you can go through: Exchange 5 closed-ended questions with potential matches, exchange 10 must-haves and can't stands, then exchange open-ended questions.

After these stages, you can then safely exchange messages, photos and the eharmony faq's and expert advice provide added features to get the most out of the service.

Results of your Personality Profile

As a result of answering the personality questionnaire, you can then read your personality profile which is for your own personal reflection, a means of taking a breather and looking at your values and attitudes. There are 6 pages and I found it an eye-opener, more accurate than I would have imagined.

Updating Your Profile

You can add to your own profile section - this includes 'must haves/can't stands', uploading your photo (it takes maybe 2 days for approval), and altering the matchmaking settings.

EHarmony Verdict

The Eharmony matchmaking service is quite different from the 'standard' model dating sites. It has a very professional and expert feel about it, uses scientific methods to ensure the people who you initiate contact with are the best possible matches for you. The extremely detailed personality questionnaire and subsequent results is both enlightening to yourself and as a means of finding the best matches. Although it's for hetrosexuals only, all people can take the questionnaire.

To contact people requires cost, and it is slightly more expensive than most popular dating sites, but as you go through their site you can read for yourself and see where that extra money goes...the process is more detailed, the matches are efficient and if you're really serious about taking the time and using this type of approach to finding that right person, then Eharmony is a good place to start.

Rob's Rating - 8/10 - Recommended.

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Review written by Rob Paul: Email me with any comments

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