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Online Dating Tips

Looking For Help with Online Dating? Here Are Some Tips!

Humans are social beings. We are a species that thrives in a company, which is why we are always seeking friends and partners as we don’t like celebrating our joy or wallowing in our grief on our own. As humans, we love that having people we can turn to every time we are confused or anxious.

But the recipe for finding perfect partners has changed over the years. From those times when dating was not even in the cards for most of the population to the present decade when digital dating is the new norm, we have surely come a long way!

But as a result of all these changes, people are mostly left confused. They feel under-prepared to enter this mind-blowing world of online dating as they hardly understand its rules. Therefore, today, to help such people, we will be sharing with you some online dating tips that can help you in navigating this new alien world. So, here you go!

What is online dating?

Online dating is this brand-new way of meeting potential partners over dating websites. The best part about this new system is that no boundaries exist here. You can think of it as a community where all the people who are actively searching for personal or romantic partners create their profiles, and then, based on their interests and choices they are matched with potential prospects. It is like being set up by a friend who is extremely good at his game!

How to do online dating?

For online dating anyone, first of all, you need to select a dating app. You should make this decision wisely, after considering the reputation of different websites and learning about how each website works. Does it connect people based on race or religion or based on some questions?

Then, you should create your profile and be as honest as you can while entering your info. You should definitely add a profile picture that puts your best foot forward and make certain that your profile shows why you are different from others.

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online dating tips - dating tips advice

Why online dating sucks?

Despite being so cool, online dating can suck for some people as here members put more focus on appearances. When swapping profiles, people hardly bother with reading the bio to learn more about the person and are rather happy to make their decisions to date someone based on his looks. Other things that make online dating unlikable is the difficulty of striking up a conversation and the possibility of being fooled.

How to break the ice when dating online?

Well, making a conversation with someone you don’t know much about is never easy. But some things you can do to break the ice include being real. Now, when you are opening a conversation with someone we recommend you to avoid greeting the other person by saying something too generic like ‘hey’. Instead, in your first sentence try to surprise the other person by questioning him/her about his lifestyle, music, or food preferences.

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According to the experts, the other person’s age is crucial in deciding what you should discuss to break the ice. So, if you are dating someone that is about 24-28 years old, you can ask them questions about their lifestyle, like, ‘Sunday priorities- partying or sleeping?’, while when dating someone in the age bracket between 29-34, you should come up with personal questions, like ‘what do you love more- humans or animals?’ to take them by surprise.

Why is online dating hard for guys?

Online dating can be hard for guys because according to reports men on the dating apps get less attention as compared to the attention that women score. While for women how beautiful they look is not an exclusively important factor, for men, it’s all that matters.

So, when uploading their photos, guys should make some extra efforts. Like when they are uploading their pictures they should make sure that they look their absolute best in them. Also, all your pictures shouldn’t look the same. Instead, they should capture you in different avatars and from different angles! That will intrigue the girls in a good way.

Lastly, before uploading pictures, you should ensure that they don’t over-do the mysterious look as girls are less likely to approach mysterious/creepy looking guys because of safety concerns.

What are you looking for in online dating?

When you are dating online, one thing that you should remember is to not make decisions based only on looks. Instead, you should pay more attention to the bio of the person you are checking-out. See what are his likes or dislikes and whether your interests match with his. Also, while talking to him try to know him better to make sure that he is not a fake.

Why online dating doesn’t work?

A lot of times, people complain that online dating is waste of time. They believe that on dating platforms people are fake and they say whatever they believe can sail their boat.

How to make online dating work?

The key to making online dating work is to be as true to yourself as possible. Don’t fake it. Also, remember to keep an open mind about other people when checking out their profiles.

How to start a conversation while dating online?

When you are dating someone online you can begin the conversation by talking about the common interests that you two share. While talking about these interests you can also share your experiences with the other person to carry on the conversation.

What to write in the first message?

You might have heard the saying that ‘your first impression is your last impression’. Now, if, like us, you also believe in that saying, then you might not be a person who is too keen on sending a ‘hey’ or ‘what’s up’ as his first message. Then what should you write? Well, according to a survey, men like receiving direct or assertive messages, while women are more likely to respond to questions regarding culinary or lifestyle trends. So, if you are dating a woman, maybe start by asking her something like- ‘Chocolate, red velvet or wine? ‘


So, these are some online dating tips that can help people in finding their person of interest. Now, if you are also looking for someone, then what are you waiting for? Log in to your dating profile and re-register yourself today. Also, don’t forget to follow our online dating tips the next time you find someone you like!

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