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How to Start Dating Again?

It is a general mindset, that in order to find your perfect prince, you have to kiss a few frogs in the process. Well, that is how the dating world is supposed to work anyhow. But how long after the breakup one can start the search for their ‘the one’ again or for that matter from where do we even start again? How soon is too soon to dip your toes in the dating pool, and how do you convince yourself to begin dating again after a long relationship?

Well, if these are questions that you are grappling with, then here are some dating tips that you can probably use. Here you go!

How do you begin dating again after a long relationship?

  • Get over your past

The first step to go back into the dating game is to put your past exactly where it belongs, in the past. In order to get there do whatever you have to do. Grieve over your ex, make drunken calls, or wallow in self-pity with all the junk food and ice-cream that you can find on the planet. But when you call it done, be done with it. Period.

  • Earn your mojo back

In the next step work to get your mojo back. In other words, find your charm. Remember confidence is your most attractive quality no matter how long it has been or old you are. So, get up and get it back. Make yourself feel sexy. Get that haircut, work hard for those six-packs, or buy that dress. Do whatever you think will make you feel that you are worth it.

  • Get in the game

Once you know your worth, get back in the game. Meet your friends and siblings and let them know you are back in the dating business. Find about the current dating apps and register yourself. Give it a try and be vulnerable. Remember, nothing, absolutely nothing can happen until you put yourself out there. Also, remember, age is just a number. Stop worrying that you are 40. After all, it is never too late to start again!

When to start dating again?

After a break-up, it becomes quite hard to process anything. But the hardest of it all is perhaps to understand how long after the break up to start dating again. Is it okay to wait for 6 months or does that mean you are too weak? Or maybe you should start after a week, but will that be too soon? Will that mean you are too fast?

Well, quite honestly, there are no right or wrong answers to all these questions. But one thing is certain that it doesn’t matter what the world thinks. Instead, when you should re-enter the dating world should completely depend upon how you are doing. Some relationships are too intense, and after the break-up, one needs some time to process things. While in some other cases, you already know it is not working and the break up comes as a relief. In such cases, you feel ready to date again just after a few days.

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So, in short, there is no time that is too soon or too late to start again. Whenever you start feeling ready to be a good partner and are ready to envision a new future is a good time!