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Dating game

How to start dating for the first time?

Dating is serious business, and you need to be at your best game when you are taking someone you are interested in on a date for the first time.

But what do you say to your date when you do not know much about them? What questions you can ask them about their personal and professional lives that do not feel intruding?

Well, these are some questions that haunt all of us. Hence, to help our readers, we have got some suggestions that will perhaps do you some good.

How to break the ice on your first date?

When you are on your first date, it is not about making the sparks fly but mainly about seeing how you feel in the company of another person. Making conversation is at this point is hard but also significant. So, how do you break the ice? What are the dating questions to ask him or her?

  1. Play a dating game!

Well, if you are looking for tips for dating someone new, we will suggest you indulge in a game to break the ice. How about ‘this or that’ questions. It is a fun dating game and an interesting way of getting to know the other person. Here is an example of a dating questionnaire.

  • What would you rather do on a Sunday sleep-in or party?
  • Do you have any strange phobias?
  • What do you love more- British breakfast or Indian chaat?

Or if you are into music, maybe play a dating game that will help you in knowing the music taste of each other. Here are some questions you could ask.

  • Which is your favorite 80s song?
  • Which lyrics inspire you?
  • Which song can I play if I want you on the dancing floor?
  1. How to make a date successful?

Each one of us wants to impress our date, and here are some tips that will help you in leaving a great first impression.

Dating tips for men

  • Show up on time for your date. If you are running late on your first meeting it will leave an impression that your date was not a priority on your list to plan your day well. And believe us, that is not what you want your woman to be thinking.
  • Make sure to compliment her. Don’t overdo it, so it may seem cheesy or fake, but dropping in one or two hints that you are having a great time with her, will increase your chances of scoring a second date.

Dating tips for women

  • Women have a habit of getting into deep conversations. But it is important to avoid serious discussions on your first date. If you are meeting someone for the first time, stay away from topics that can pull you into a discussion.
  • When you are on a date, dress appropriately. Don’t go in there looking like a fashionista but don’t even show up looking like you did not make any efforts. Find a mid-way and wear something in which you are comfortable.
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  1. Dating tips for shy men

Some of us are shy naturally, and thus, to us, dating doesn’t seem like our cup of tea. But don’t worry we got your back! Here are some dating tips for shy guys that can help you in scoring a second one.

  • If you are shy it makes sense that it will seem hard for you to communicate your interest in her. But don’t worry, because it is pretty easy. Just talk to her and be genuinely interested in what she has to say. It should do.
  • If you have a shy nature, make some outgoing friends, and hang out with them. Doing so will help you in meeting new girls. You can also register yourself on dating sites where girls make the first move.