If you're looking to go down the romantic route, there are more ideas than you might have thought. With all of them remember as you read to think of little twists that would make the date even more memorable and romantic.

Some of them are short ideas you could build off, and incorporate into a fuller dating experience.

  • Hire a rowboat and take it out onto a lake and enjoy the sunset. If you're too far from a lake or river, do this in a park or hilly secluded area - a high spot where you can enjoy a good view over the city is always romantic.

  • The romantic candelight dinner is still a firm favorite with many. Update it by maybe hiring a boat and being spontaneous. Add your own theme - italian or french food, wine, music, accents.

  • Take a romantic stroll barefoot along the beach. Sit on the dock of the bay and simply talk about your dreams, goals or favorite memories together. Why not take a radio, and get romantic by dancing to love songs under the moonlit stars on a quiet waterfront.

  • Explore a scenic, or old area you've never been before, but have always wanted to see. A place that has history and feeling adds to the atmosphere.

  • Have a night in and write a love song together. It might be about memories you share, things you like, funny traits each person has or whatever your imagination comes up with.

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  • Do something that you would never have thought of doing - something that's totally out of character and unexpected by your partner. Hire a limo, whisk her off somewhere fancy with no expenses spared. A romantic weekend when your partner has maybe had a hard time at work or been under pressure will revitalise them and your relationship.

  • Organise a date where both of you dress or act as a character from a favorite movie of yours. You might be Fred and Ginger and dance the night to your favorite songs.

  • Sit on top of a hotel or out on the balcony and count stars (shooting stars).

  • Organise a special themed night that brings back memories of yesteryear. Ask your partner to take one of her outfits and when she gets home that day she must wear the blindfold at the door. Then surprise her by having your dining room (or living room) decorated with the theme you chose.

  • Buy a couple of disposable cameras and go for a stroll around a park, woods. Take photos of each other along the way and at a later day, each of you can present a collage of memories with maybe a short love poem or words of gratitude included within.

Have any romantic date ideas of your own? Please email them to me and I'll include them on this page.