Dates that are enjoyable help keep relationships fun. The more unique and creative they are, the more memorable they often prove to be.

Classic Dates

The emphasis is on having a happy time together. There's plenty of scope for making it more memorable. I suggest buying a disposable camera or two and taking snaps throughout the date. Then, at the right point, suggest getting together the following week and having a look back at the results.

Amusement (or water) Parks - there's excitement a plenty and ladies have been known to get quite close on some of the scarier rides. Video arcades can be fun too, but if you're going down that route ensure there's a great deal of interaction with the activities you get up to. She doesn't want to stand there and watch you reach level 356 on Streetfighter 4...

Ice-Skating and 10-pin Bowling - these are great both if you've done them before, or especially if one of you hasn't. It's a great chance to get closer and have a good laugh together.

Concerts, nightclub or dancing offer alternatives.

Active Dates

Remember the date shouldn't really be a competition, but if you're both sporty or athletic, then trying something a bit more active might be to both your benefits.

For instance: roller-blading, skiing (water-skiing), going for a mountain-bike ride along a picturesque trail, hill-walking, a game of frisbee and a picnic and so forth.

Extreme Dating

Want to have a bit of an adventure? Well, you could try out bunjee-jumping, canooing, white-water rafting, sky-diving, scuba (snorkle) diving or even take a romantic air baloon trip. Just ensure you follow all the safety guidelines.

More Ideas

Get nostalgic and do things you done as a teenager. Use your imagination here.

Visit places of mutual interest, like art galleries, cultural centres. You might take a day trip to a local town, a famous area, or even an aftertoon class yoga, dancing or photography.


Have you got your own fun dating ideas you'd like to suggest. Please don't hesititate in emailing them to me.