Dates that are enjoyable help keep relationships fun. The more unique and creative they are, the more memorable they may be.

  • Say you're in a long distance relationship. Why not arrange a video-date. You both rent the same movie and start playing it the same time, whilst talking on the phone. It's great if it's a romantic comedy.

  • Teach your partner whilst getting intimate. If you know something well enough that you could spend an hour or so teaching your partner, then great. It might be photography, an instrument, a sport or whatever. You'll get closer and have some educational fun. For instance, I've taught self-defence. Not only is it a chance to get intimate and enjoyable, but it's also highly worthwhile.

  • If you're starting out, why not keep a diary of your dating memories. Then maybe sometime down the line, say at a special occassion, bring out the diary and spend a night reminiscing on your history so far together.

  • Ongoing Date Ideas - maybe go to all restaurants, bars or cafes in an A to Z fashion. Start out at Alf's Bar, then maybe Barnie's Burgers, followed by Charlie's Chip Shop. It'll take a few dates, but make it memorable by taking photos outside each location and eventually put an 'A-Z of love' photo album together of the best pictures.

  • Be Historic - visit an archeaology dig or old ruins.

  • If you know a fair bit about your date's teenage years (over a while find out without them being suspicious), plan a date that takes them back and brings back old memories. A tour of any old places they grew up, cafe's, schools, favorite places.

  • Create a list of 20 or so strange questions and get each other to fill them in and discuss and read them out.

  • Take a class together one day, and maybe that evening use the knowledge. For instance, attend a morning workshop in photography basics. Buy a couple of disposable cameras and late afternoon or evening, take a trip to an area you've always wanted to go to but 'never got the chance'. Use your new found knowledge and put it to the test.

  • Plan a date that revolves around a book - maybe it's cooking, dreams, astrology, or whatever.

Got any more creative date ideas? Well, email them to me and I'll be sure to add them to the list.