If you're on a budget or simply want the best value for money then this page will provide you with good cheap date ideas. Take these as suggestions and improve on them. Use your imagination.

  • Rent a movie, make your own popcorn and snuggle up. It's as cheap as Chips.

  • Teach your date something. Maybe how to drive a manual car - go to a secluded car park, put some soothing romantic music on and teach. You'll have more fun than you might imagine.

  • Museums and art galleries have cheap days, some being free to enter. Go to the library and look at the papers to see upcoming attractions. Use vouchers and coupons to get the best deals.

  • Go bird watching at an avary.

  • Take a romantic evening stroll in a forest or along the beach.

  • Take a trip, or test-drive a cool car.

  • If one of your interests is painting, spend an afternoon beside a scenic river bank or a secluded area and paint together. Afterwards you could donate the paintings to a nearby retirement home.

  • Attend an exhibition - maybe look for new exhibitions in town, like car rally's and sports events.

  • Attend a driving range.

  • In a long-term relationship, but maybe they are away on business or far away. Make a tape including a little song, some thoughts about them, memories and so on.

  • Rent a bike from a tour operator or if there's a college nearby, you should be able to rent them cheaply and explore a nearby village or small town.

  • Spend a quiet night in but be creative - you could write a song, or write a poem for each other. Use your best memories for ideas.

  • Sit out in the yard and stargaze.

  • Go to a disc (frisbee) golf course.

  • If it's snowing, build alternative snowmen - a him and her.

Got ideas? - email them to me and I'll add them to the page.