Writing a personal ad shouldn't be as hard as you might imagine it is. This page includes a couple of examples to give you an idea of what elements of a personals ads you might include with your own. The best thing to do is join a dating service, and read a lot of profiles. As you read take note of what works, what doesn't and use that knowledge when writing your own.

When creating your profile, get a pad and pen, go away from the computer, make yourself a cup of coffee or tea and find a quiet place where you can spend 15-30 minutes thinking. It shouldn't take long - start by jotting down things you like, qualities you posess and what you're proud of having accomplished.

Also make notes of the positive attributes of any past partners you have had. Mention interests and activities you enjoy and any new hobby you might be taking up. Once you have a list, use the examples below to give you an idea of a basic profile. Of course, write it in your own style, but don't overdescribe yourself - you want it to be short enough so any potential matches are intrigued enough to want to get to know you more and to make your personality heard. Just remember, this isn't a life story you're writing.

Don't Do:

SWF, NS, GSH, 5' 1, 140 lbs. I'm trusting, honest. No jerks or psychos please.

Maybe Do:

I'm an intense, spontaneous Postgraduate student still in pretty good shape. At 5ft 8, with long brown hair and brown eyes, I'm attractive and willing to try just about anything...except maybe skydiving.

I'm looking for a tall, fit man who can impress me with his wit, great smile and sporty sense of adventure. I'm a loyal and loving lady, who with the right man can be sharing, giving and compassionate.

Maybe Do:

I'm an upbeat lady who loves to make people laugh (I can laugh at myself too...)

At 5ft 4, I'm athletic and have a great love for animals, living with 2 dogs and a cat. I'm passionate about wildlife and regularly help out at my local wildlife sanctuary. I'm also prone to enjoying long drives along the east coast where I delight in discovering and exploring new places.

I'm looking for a charming gentleman who has a sense of passion and adventure, but isn't looking for some fantasy girl to show off to his friends.

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