10 dating ideas for 2021

10 Dating Ideas for 2021

If you’re one of the many people who is dating in COVID times, you may be looking for dating ideas that work within the current state of most of the world. The following are 10 dating ideas for dating in 2021.

#1: Watch a movie together virtually

If you can’t meet up together at all due to lockdown regulations, then why not have a virtual movie night? Almost all major streaming platforms have released group streaming apps for paid members; as of 2021, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime all have a “group watch” option.

#2: Dress up for a romantic FaceTime meeting

If you can’t meet up but you still want some face-to-face time, dress up nicely and have a romantic FaceTime meeting. Make sure to find a place in your home where you can be alone!

#3: Take a walk in the park

Dating in 2021 will involve a lot of outdoor activities due to the fact that it’s safer to gather outdoors than indoors. Plan a nice walking date in an nearby park where you can take in some sunshine, nature, and enjoy each other’s company.

#4: Head to the zoo or garden for the afternoon

Another great idea for dating in COVID is to head to an outdoor amusement area, such as a zoo or public garden, where you can spend time doing something while socially distancing from others.

#5: Grab takeout and make a fancy meal at home

If you’re hungry but can’t dine-at at a restaurant, you can always get takeout! Bring the takeout home and go the extra mile for your date by setting up a nice place setting complete with tablecloth and candles.

dating ideas during corona 2021

#6: Stargaze together

Gazing up at the night sky is the perfect way to spend an evening or nighttime date. If you live in an area with too much light pollution, look up stargazing spots nearby and make a trip out of it!

#7: Go for a picnic on a sunny afternoon

If you’re interested in dating ideas that will leave your date smiling, you should definitely consider going on a nice picnic on a warm afternoon. Pack a proper lunch–and don’t forget the blanket!

#8: Book a private cabin for the ultimate weekend date

If you want to get away from it all, why not book a private cabin or AirBNB so you can have a weekend date to yourselves? Just remember to book well ahead of time, especially if you’re looking in a popular area.

#9: Create a replica of your first date–at home

If you’ve been dating for a while, one way you can celebrate the fact that you’re still dating in 2021 is by recreating your first date–but with a twist! Recreate the date in your home with whatever you have on hand; don’t be afraid to be silly!

#10: Have a game night

If you and your partner love games, plan a game night for your next date! These can be board games, card games or even video games!

Remember, dating in 2021 is possible: as with anything else right now, dating in covid merely requires some planning ahead so you can adhere to safety guidelines.