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Dating ideas

Ideas for successful dating during Corona

No one would have thought that dating would be so difficult in 2020, but Corona went beyond our imagination. It has changed our lives in so many ways, and a changed dating format is one of them. Before reaching your date spot now, you need to think about if you have sanitiser instead of flowers. Dating might have become a little harder in 2020, but it is not something impossible.

How to continue dating in 2020/2021?

With caution! The first thing that comes in mind while dating in covid is where can we meet? Someplace lovely and romantic but hygienic too. You might also want to avoid crowded places.

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Here are some dating ideas to help you out.

  • Picnic: Taking your date to a nice park for a picnic with a food basket and some flowers might be an old fashioned way of saying I like you, but it is the most romantic way of saying it. Plus you get to spend so much time with them without any distraction and disturbance. You can talk about your entire lives, and no one will ask you to leave.
  • Drive-in movie: We have all seen those decorated cars on Instagram, but it seems too fancy to do it. The thing is it is not. Take some time to decorate your vehicle before going to a drive-in movie. Get everything you might need to get comfortable. Put in some fairy lights and romantic candles. Dating no filter is not wrong for saying that dating is hard. But some efforts might make it your perfect date.
  • Sea: Take your date to a boat ride. Dating in water can be pretty romantic if done right. If your date does not want to go for a boatride and a picnic near sea is a good idea too. It will be nice to sit near the sea and talk about things. You can do some fun activities too like making a sandcastle. 
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Other than these you can also try phone dates, video call dates, play dates, and TikTok dates. If you date can not make it someplace outside than it will be best to prepare some food putting on a nice movie and chilling together while on VC. You can order each other your favourite foods too. This will let your date know what you like, and you will know what they like.

Making TikTok is another romantic scenario for which you do not necessarily need to be at the same place together. But after you are done creating it, it can be the most romantic and cute thing.

These dating in Covid ideas might help you but do not forgot to be your charming self otherwise no romantic place can help you. Do as much as your energy allows you to do. Happy dating!